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4 Carpet Cleaning Tips that you should know!

4 Carpet Cleaning Tips that you should know!

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Carpets serve the purpose of being functional as well as decoration. When laid out, carpets can enhance the look of any residential or commercial space. Due to its slip-resistant nature, it also serves safety needs. Carpets also provide comfort for our feet.

However, carpets gets dirty very easily as they come in contact with many other elements. Being on the floor also subject them to the risks of stains from any spillage. In this article, we are going to discuss some cleaning tips to keep your carpet in good condition.

Cleaning Solution

Many of us tend to scrub really hard when we find stains on our carpets. Professional will never do that. Instead, they will leave the cleaning solution on the stains for a while to allow the cleaning liquid to saturate and penetrate into the fabric and stain. Following that, simply bolt and vacuum the carpet and the stain will disappear.

Never Scrub Stains

Often, people would scrub really hard in an attempt to remove carpet stains. Scrubbing serves no benefit and would instead cause the stain particle to penetrate deeper into the carpet fabric. The best way is to bolt the stain. This way, the stain can be soaked up slowly.

Removing Gums

Chewing gums are the nightmare of carpets. Gross and sticky, they create a huge mess on the fabric. When not removed properly, the carpet fabric might be damage leaving an ugly spot in your carpet. The best way to remove gums is to freeze it. Grab a couple of ice cubes and lay it on the gum. Once frozen solid, use a spoon to gently lift the gum away. You might need to cut a small amount of carpet but that should not cause any noticeable spot.

Regular Maintenance

While extremely lasting, carpets require regular cleaning to achieve its full life span. Every 6 months, you should engage professional carpet cleaners to do deep cleaning. On top of helping your carpet look new and fresh, it also removes all the germ and bacteria build up overtime. This is especially essential for household with kids as they are more prone to falling ill from dirty and neglected carpets.

Many companies provide carpet cleaning in Singapore but not many utilize the latest technology to offer the best cleaning solution for your carpets. When researching, pay attention to cleaning technique and reputation of the company. Often, the best companies have many positive reviews from satisfied customers which indicates their quality of service.